10 Of The Best Smart Watches For Women

It seems like almost every day there is a new smartwatch entering the market. And while many of these new devices are very sleek and stylish, most of them tend to have the somewhat masculine appeal. And although there are a few smart watches that could be considered unisex, the vast majority of smart watches are not something that women would feel comfortable wearing.

However, recently manufacturers have recently begun to take notice of this fact and are starting to release devices that are more targeted towards women. If you are a women or shopping for a gift for one, you should be able to use the list below to get an idea about the best smart watches for women.


Huwei's Elegant is a upgraded version of their 2015 smart watch. Huwei has partnered with Starsky gemstone company to add a little bling to this new product. The watch has a rose gold plated body and a top ring design. The watch features scratch proof sapphire coating so you won’t have to worry about bumps and drops.

The Elegant is also fairly small -  It measures around 44 mm in diameter, which should be sufficient to fit a smaller wrist.

The watch is powered by Android wear and is able to receive phone calls and texts. It also has built-in voice command and a built-in accelerometer and heart rate tracking. The watch has many pre-loaded activities as well, such as running, mountain climbing, and hiking.

Moto 360 2nd gen

Created by ImageGear, AccuSoft Corp.

The second-generation Moto 360 is a decent upgrade - especially as far as specs are considered. The new unit has a QUALCOMM snapdragon 400 processor, which certainly makes it much more "snappier" than its previous generation. There is now an ambient light sensor which is handy because the back light will automatically adjust depending on the light levels of the surrounding area.

The bezel measures around 42 mm in diameter. It’s a little on the thick side coming in an 11.4 mm. And the bands are quite narrow - coming in at around 16 mm each.

The 360 also has a quick release function which give you the option to swap out the bands anytime you don’t like the default ones that it comes with.

The watch race is fully customizable and I especially like the moving one, which is somewhat unusual probably because it tends to consume more battery life overtime.

Pro tip: ordering directly from a Motorola will allow you to fully customize the watch case and band. There are quite a few interesting combinations you can do, and I recommend going this route if you can.

Since it is equipped with Android wear, the watch can of course track all the fitness metrics you’ve come to expect: you'll get steps/distance/calorie tracking. The watch also comes with a optical heart rate monitor.

Apple Watch

No smartwatch roundup would be complete without the Apple watch, decives which are anything but cheap. This is especially true here, since the watch bands are fully removable and Apple offers many different options in this regard.

Although it is a square design the watch face is rather svelte, and the smaller version clocks in at around 38 mm in diameter. This is also a good watch to have if you have an Apple phone because it will pair much better with that device and you will get the full feature set. With the right band the Apple watch can easily pass for a womens smart watch.

Built-in fitness features abound and you also get a heart rate monitor as well. The only downside to this device is it’s rather poor battery life generally - you’ll be lucky to get a full day of use out of it.

Huwei Watch Jewel

The Jewel is another of Huwei's blinged out watches and it is one you may want to keep an eye on. It boasts a whopping 68 embedded zirconium's and certainly is one of the more feminine watches we’ve seen on the market.

We especially liked the rose gold plated case and the sapphire blue wristband. The watch of course post all the same features (Android wear) as the original Huwei smartwatch so all of your fitness tracking needs should be covered here.

Omate Luteila

Omate claims that the Luteila is the "world’s first smart watch that is designed exclusively for women". The watch comes in three different colors: gold, silver, and pink. It certainly looks quite feminine to us.

The watch face itself measures around 43 mm in diameter and is about 12 ½ mm thick. This easily makes it one of the smaller smart watches on the market today.

Its also boasts a whopping 5 day battery life and is compatible with both android and iOS. You'll get accelerometer support but no heart rate monitoring. A pity, seeing as how the vast majority of smartwatches on the market have at least some sort of built-in optical heart rate monitoring.

Kenneth Cole Connect

Yet another jewel encrusted timepiece makes its debut tunic and it’s cold connect. The watch is definitely on the smaller side measuring around 47 mm in diameter. And while the simple white silicone strap is a little basic, it helps to give it a more feminine look.

The watch post all the usual smartwatch features such as alerts for incoming calls, texts, emails messages, and alarms. You can also control your music directly from the watch provided you have paired a smart phone with it. Additionally, as the Connect also has its own app which is a little bit limited but a nice touch nonetheless.

Asus Zenwatch 2

While not specifically a woman's smart watch, the Zenwatch should appeal to many women. Asus seems to have gone for the mass appeal angle here as this device has no shortage of customization options. The device offers over 18 different band choices and comes in 2 different sizes.

The device has over 50 rebuilt watch faces and you can also upload your own custom designed face if you so choose. It also has the ability to communicate with others Zenwatch users, although you can only send them simple Emogis and short messages.

Like most smart watches is that aren't Apple designed, the Zenwatch 2 runs Android wear. You’ll get a pedometer for very basic fitness tracking but little else. However considering the watches price point it’s hard to argue with the value it offers.

Pebble Time Round

This watch is easily the smallest of the lot measuring in at around 7.5 mm of thickness. There are many different bands to choose from and the rounded watch face makes it much more appealing to women.

While the watch supports the usual standard features such as the ability to receive text and phone calls, it does not however have a touchscreen nor is it running any sort of Android OS. The upside to this is that the e paper style screen is a lot easier on the battery life. The watch has a battery life of around two days is also incredibly quick to charge - typically less than 15 minutes.

Samsung Gear S2

Unlike Samsung’s other offerings, the Gear S2 is a very aesthetically pleasing device. This is especially true if you opt to go with the white colored wristband. The watch faces 1.2 inches in diameter and comes in two versions: sport classic. The classic supports 20 mm wristbands.

The thing that stands out most on the S2 is its rotating bezel – which will scroll through the various menu options with simple turn of the dial.

As far as software goes, Samsung is opted to go with its own proprietary operating system called Tyson. While it’s nice to see a little bit of innovation here, the software tends to be the watches greatest weakness. Unfourtunatly there are very few apps available for this operating system.

The watch does come stock with a built in optical heart rate monitor and acceleroemetor, which should satisfy all of your fitness tracking needs,

H Tang

This watch certainly has it where it counts. This watch resembles a small jewel encrusted cosmetic mirror that would be right at home in any cosmetic bag. For the most part, this seems to be one of the few smart watches on the market that is specifically tailored towards women. The band is quite thin to and is made of a leather material.

The Tang boasts some interesting features - namely it has the ability to monitor UV rays and will send you a notification about the ideal time to go outside.

It can of course monitor your fitness level as well. The watch is also fully waterproof up to 30 m.


While early smart watches were mostly tailored toward men, the market is gradually coming around to the point of being more balanced and there are many more womens smart watches entering the market. Hopefully with this list you will be able to find a product that suits your needs.

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Alex Fischer