5 Cheap Smartwatches That Don’t Skimp On Features

Smart watches are new James Bond like gadgets that are starting to take of in popularity. Additionally, the prices have really started to come down since the introduction of the first Apple watch. There are now many contenders that don't cost and arm and a leg. 

If you want a cheap smart watch, you shouldn't have to settle for less. These cheap smartwatches will do all of the basic but without all of the bells and whistles. They will have all of the standard functions like GPS, calorie tracking, sleep tracking, heart rate tracking, and elevation detection. 

Here at ATW, you could call us smart watch junkies. We have tried many of the latest brands and we can give you a good idea of which cheap smart watches are worth purchasing.

We have created this list with fitness tracking in mind, however there are a few smart watches here that only very have basic fitness tracking functions. Below are what we consider to be the top 5 best cheap smart watches of 2015.

Samsung Gear 2 Neo $99

The price on this one has come down to about $99. Although it is last years model, the Neo still stacks up with the latest and greatest.

The Neo is very similar to  the Samsung Gear 2 - it has the same 1.6" display, which is very bright, vivid, and easy to see outdoors. The hardware specs are also identical - 1Ghz dual core processor and 512mb of ram. The only thing the Neo lacks is a camera, however it makes up for its lack of photo ability by being very lightweight - coming it at around 0.03 ounces. Additionally, the Neo comes with a IR blaster for controlling your TV.

The Neo also comes with a heart rate monitor, which is a major plus for those who are looking for activity tracking functionality. Top that off with a pedometer and an app that tracks running, cycling, and hiking, and you've got yourself a decent fitness tracker with smart watch like features and hardware. 

Aesthetically speaking, the Neo is not quite as "classy" looking as its counterpart. it makes up for this by being very comfortable to wear however. 

The Neo also has a pretty decent battery. Our lasted about 3 days before we had to recharge it. It is also water proof up to 30 meters.​ 

Withings Activate Pop $99

The Withings is an impressive smart watch for its price. This device looks like an analog watch, which makes it great for people who don't want to showcase that that they are wearing a smart watch. 

​The bands have a nice silicone like texture and are interchangeable.

The Activate is notable for its extended activity tracking capabilities, and this is no surprise giving that the company has many other sleep and fitness tracking devices. With this whatch you'll be able to track steps, calories, and distance traveled. The Activate has great app support (especially if you have other Withings products) and will integrate all of your sync up all of your fitness data, such as heart rate and BMI, effortlessly. 

All in all, the Activate is a stylish, durable, and lightweight smart watch at a great price.​ Oh, and did we mention that the battery lasts for 8 months?

Atongm W008

The is one impressive smart watch. In addition to being able to sync up with your android device and makes calls, The Atongm W008 can can also accept sim cards and double as stand alone a phone.

Aesthetically speaking, The W008 is very similar to the Apple smart watch, and this is a good thing. It is also extremely well built, with an all stainless steel build and solid leather wrist straps. 

The W008 comes standard with a 3.1 megapixel camera, which can shoot 720p Hd video and actually takes pretty decent photos.  

Hardware wise the W008 comes standard with a 1.54" 240x240 IPS display, which is a rarity at this price point. 

The app support is where the W008 really shines. It has an array of useful features, chief of among them being its phone like UI. You'll get access to all of the standard android features, such as: contact list, text messaging, internet browser, and audio/video playback. 

The only downside to the W008 is that it is a little light on the fitness tracking features. You'll get access to a step/distance/calorie counter and a sleep tracker, which is pretty much bog standard on any dedicated fitness tracking device.


​The Hanswann is certainty a decent budget smartwatch. It has a pretty nice feature set for an unknown brand. It comes standard with a 240x240 IPS display, capacitive touchscreen, dual core processor, 512MB ram, and 4GB of storage space.. 

We were delighted to find out that the Hanswann has a heart rate monitor and pedometer for accurate fitness and sleep tracking.

Its major selling point, however, is that 4.4 Andorid operating system that comes standard with the device. If you have an Android phone you will be able to take advantage of the Hanswanns remote camera feature, which worked pretty well for us when we tested it out.

The build quality on this one didn't impress us - it felt a little cheap and fragile. The wristband was pretty comfortable however.

Sony SW2

Last years SW2 still holds up fairly well today. And at a price point of around $80, this is one of the better cheap smartwatches on the market. 

What we liked: this device has a built in NFC chip, which enables easy 1 touch paring to any NFC capable phone. The screen is transflective - which is Sonys way of saying that the screen is view able in full sunlight. 

The build quality is phenomenal. The SW2 is light as a feather but feels extremely sturdy. It has an all metal design that is dust proof and water proof. ​

Sony Advertises about 7 days of battery life, But in our tests we averaged about 4 - 5 days or so.

All in all, the SW2 is a solid contender for the best cheap smartwatch.​

A note on fitness tracking

The great thing about smart watches is that they often have a heart rate sensor. This is a more accurate form of bio feedback than say, an accelerometer which only tracks your movement.​ If you are in the market for a fitness tracking device, consider purchasing a cheap smartwatch. You will get the benefit of fitness tracking along with many additional features.

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Alex Fischer