Exercise For All Ages: The Best Fitness Trackers For Seniors

As seniority approaches, you may find yourself with a lot of time on your hands. Traveling and spending time with the family aside, old age can also be a great time to find more ways to better your health and happiness. If you enjoy the outdoors and are looking to a get a little extra exercise in, consider a fitness tracker. These devices can take the guesswork out of physical fitness but keeping track of your steps and calories burned during the day.

And sometimes technology can be a big complicated, so I have assembled the guide below that lists the best and easiest to use fitness trackers for seniors.

Garmen Vivosmart HR+

Garmin is a well trusted brand that has been used by many over the years. They began with an in-car mapping product that was quite popular.

With the release of the Garmin Vivosmart they really really started to focus more on fitness trackers. Three different color options exist: black, imperial/kona purple, and midnight/force blue. It also comes in 2 band sizes: regular and extra-large. Features include:

· GPS Integration

· Running Metrics

· Move IQ for accurate movement measurement

· 24/7 Optical Heart Rate Monitor

· Water resistant up to 50m (perfect for swimming with)

It is very easy to set-up to start tracking your activities. It will constantly track your heart rate so you can push your limits. With GPS integration, you can track the routes you take and see just how much you are moving.

Additionally, with the move IQ and running metrics, you won’t have to worry about presetting your activities as it will automatically follow you.

Fitbit Alta HR

The Fitbit Alta HR is perfect for those who love the gym and are highly active. The simple and clean interface makes it easy to keep track of all your tasks. This device comes in multiple sizing options and colors (with interchangeable bands).

Just like the Garmin, you will be able to track your heart rate 24/7. The Fitbit will also track your sleep and sleeping stages, such as REM and NREM. On top of that it will also help you more actively track and burn calories.

This activity tracker will give you reminders to move, along with text and call alerts (with a linked smart phone) so you will always stay up to date when excising.

Fitbit Surge

Another product by Fitbit is the Fitbit Surge, which Introduces a wider design and a bigger screen. It comes with multiple size options and three color options: black, blue, and tangerine. this is a great option for those who have a bigger budget.

This tracker also includes an adjustable wrist strap in case you are one with a changing wrist size. This product features:

· GPS Tracking

· Heart Rate Monitor

· Sleep Tracking

· Water Resistance

This product stands out with its wider design and all-day activity tracking. It syncs wirelessly and has a long battery life of up to 7 days. This is a great tracker is for those who are looking for a bigger screen with longer battery life.

Apple Watch Nike+

I am sure you have heard of the Apple watch (mini-Iphone). This device is great for receiving messaging and viewing photos. With the Nike brand Apple watch, Nike and Apple teamed up to make a fairly robust activity tracker that also has smartwatch capabilities.

With a wider design and adjustable wrist band it is an amazing tracker that unfortunately lacks color options and a sustained battery life.

This tracker is also water resistant up to 50m making it great for wetter circumstances. It contains a built in GPS and gyroscope for moving through all terrains and can track your movement on long runs. This watch has a bigger price tag but also includes a built in microphone and speakers so you can easily communicate through your watch!

Misfit Ray

The Misfit Ray activity tracker has a screen-less design that is perfect for those who prefer the minimalist look. With multiple colors and bands, it will not stand out and is ideal for those who are looking to wear their tracking in less casual environments.

This tracker will last you a good 6 months before you need to replace the batteries. Perfect for swimming or water associated activities, the Misfit Ray will track your sleep, steps, distance, and calories.

It also has a “smart button” that will allow you to control any connected devices. This is perfect for those who have a smaller budget and want something easy to use and get started with.

What Activity Tracker is right for you?

If you are looking for the best all-around activity tracker to suit your needs and wants then I highly recommend the Fitbit Alta HR, as it is highly accurate due to its built in heart rate monitor and can track swimming, running, hiking, and sleep.

The other options should not be overlooked, however. They could still serve you well if you are looking for your first tracker or even trying to buy one for a friend.

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Alex Fischer