Tracker Showdown: Jawbone Up Vs Up24

Jawbone does not have that many fitness trackers on the market, and the ones they do have are very similar. For this quick write up I wanted to do a comparison between the Jawbone UP in the UP24. Take a look at the graph below to figure out the major differences.


The main difference that I have noticed is the UP 24 seems to be a little bit larger. But it is not that noticeable. The 24 has a 7 day battery life to the UP's 10 days battery life which is obviously due to the Bluetooth connectivity that is not found on the original UP.

The original UP needed to be removed from your wrist and plugged into the phone to sync which was  annoying. The main advantage to the UP 24 is the fact that it has wireless syncing through Bluetooth. This is great, since you can control all the functions of the device through the application itself.


The UP 24 also keeps much better back track of your activities. Through the app, you will have the ability to tag each activity that you do to better keep track of your overall fitness goals. And speaking of goals, the app for the up 24 allows you to actually set fitness goals were whereas the original UP was incapable of this.


Currently, the UP24 is only about $50 more than the original UP so it is well worth the price in my opinion. But I would only recommend this for the budget conscious fitness tracking fanatic. Jawbone offers many other devices now that can do quite a bit more. In fact, if you’re looking to get serious about your fitness tracking I would recommend you look into the Up4 which in addition to having more features also as a embedded heart rate monitor.

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Alex Fischer