Top 33 Fitness & Running Bloggers Of 2020 & Beyond

Most of us are worried about our health. Fitness and weight concerns tend to go along with that. If you’re one of the billions bothered by your weight or fitness level or both, I bet you explore fitness blogs. How can you recognize which blogger to follow and who to ignore with the countless variety on the internet?

Here, we list the Top 33 Fitness and Health Bloggers and they are brilliant, enlightening, and motivating to read.

1. Fit Bottomed Girls

Why should you follow Jennifer & Erin? Jennifer and Erin give awards for “Fitties – The Best Fitness- and Health-Related Products” and “Noshies – The Best Healthy Food Products” in addition to instructions and videos for every level of fitness.

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2. Purely Twins

Why should you follow them? Lori & Michelle are identical twins who give advice on fitness, health, communication with others, and much more. They tell women how to stay fit during pregnancy and everybody needs to read “Answering Your Gut Questions”.

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3. Live Life Active

Why should you follow Erin? On her “About” page, she gives instructions on how to strengthen your body with just a bench and 30 minutes. Women, Erin isn’t afraid to talk about the menstrual cycle, or lack thereof, while you’re exercising.

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4. Liv Fitness

Why should you follow her? Liv is not a misspelling of “live”. It is what Olivia calls herself. She teaches fitness, yoga, and clean eating from West Palm Beach, Florida.

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5. In Fitness and In Health

Why should you follow Ellyn? She is a fitness instructor, personal trainer, and fitness nutrition specialist. Ellyn lets you choose your workout by “Body Part”, “Equipment”, or “Structure”.

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6. Lipstick, Lettuce & Lycra

Why should you follow her? Gemma is our first blogger from the United Kingdom and she says, “… willpower doesn’t exist.” She writes that we need to take responsibility for our choices.

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7. Running, Loving, Living

Why should you follow Toni? She is the mother of two daughters, a registered nurse and she has a passion for health, fitness, and running.

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8. Dai Manuel – Your Lifestyle Mentor

Why should you follow him? Dai “Moose” Manuel is the first man on our list and he’s also the first person to describe himself as “morbidly obese” before he started on his fitness regime.

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9. Fit Girl’s Diary

Why should you follow Monica? She gives you the ultimate fat-burning schedule complete with what and when to eat, when to do which exercises, recipes, gym hacks, and much more.

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Why should you follow it? This website has three categories: Foods, Fitness, and Health. Foods list the best foods to eat or drink with recipes. Fitness gives specific exercises for several areas and Health gives ideas for hair care, getting rid of stretch marks and more.

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11.Mile Posts

Why should you follow Dorothy? Dorothy Beal has run an amazing “31 marathons since 2003” and she is mother to three children. She also talks about suffering from Social Anxiety Disorder and OCD and how she fought them.

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12.Powered by Bling

Why should you follow her? Cassandra doesn’t fit the typical idea of a “runner”, but she is a breast-cancer-fighting runner. She says, “BLING is what endurance athletes call the medals we earn as we cross the finish line.”

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13.Run Steff Run

Why should you follow Steff? She is a runner who claims to run for wine at the end of a race. Her blog’s subtitle is, “One 20-something’s Life While On The Run.”

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14.Tutus and Tennies

Why should you follow her? Mary Beth, or MB to her friends, is a 40+ mom who used to believe her boobs were too big. But, she invested “in the sports bra” and decided to run.

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15.The Cookie ChRUNicles

Why should you follow Meredith? She is the divorced mother of a 12-year-old who tries to balance healthy eating with dessert. She says that running is “amazing for one’s sanity.”

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16.Jill Will Run

Why should you follow her? Jill is a 30-something mom who is in recovery from Anorexia Nervosa. That’s right; she battles eating far too little and talks openly about it.

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17.Keep Life Simple

Why should you follow Annette? She is a health enthusiast and “anti-ageing coach” in Australia who has trained folks such as Christopher Lambert. Annette is in her 50’s but doesn’t look over 35.

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18.Run. Eat. Snap.

Why should you follow her? This Jill is “a Registered Dietitian (RD), avid runner and lover of all things photography.” She gives book reviews, recipes, and much more from Nashville, TN.

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19.Nerd Fitness

Why should you follow Steve? He has turned getting fit into a role-playing-game that’s fun and it challenges each individual. He calls it “Rising Heroes” and it should be a big hit with folks that grew up with RPG.

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20.Mark’s Daily Apple

Why should you follow him? Mark is proud of his 60+ years and wants to share his “Primal Blueprint” with everyone. He says “Primal Blueprint is all about eating real, unadulterated foods ….”

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21.No Meat Athlete

Why should you follow Doug? Vegans rejoice! Doug Hay writes about being vegan, raising a vegan family and “running on plants.” He explains how a plant-based diet can make you fitter and more.

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22.Strength Running

Why should you follow him? Jason started Strength Running in 2010 after being injured in a 2008 Marathon. He wants to share how to train for strength and running and to prevent being hurt.

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Why should you follow Fitz? She, yes she, has a Master’s Degree in Exercise and Sport Science. Fitz Koehler also started The Morning Mile to encourage children to exercise.

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24.Happy Fit Mama

Why should you follow her? Angela tells you how to blend frozen bananas into “Nice Cream” and she gives many other healthy recipes in addition to telling people how to get and stay fit.

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25.Achieve With Athena

Why should you follow Athena? She wants to teach “you methods that are realistic, sustainable, shame free, and fun.” Athena encourages exercising at the level you can do correctly as demonstrated by the “Epic Post” below.

Epic Post: There’s No Shame in Regressing an Exercise

26.Eat Pray Run DC

Why should you follow her? Courtney is a Washington, DC gal who is “passionate about food, running, Jesus, my husband, my dog and bacon. Not necessarily in that order.”

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27.Fannetastic Food

Why should you follow Anne? On July 21, 2017, the first thing on Anne’s homepage is her “22 Week Pregnancy Update”. If you are expecting, or otherwise interested, you can follow along.

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28.Old Man Running

Why should you follow him? Allen teaches “the basics of running via the experience of a geezer who has been running and walking for over 40 years ….” He lives in Salt Lake City, Utah and has a link on his blog to tell you the temperature there.

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29.Neon Is My Color

Why should you follow Theresa? She is a 51-year-old mother and wife practicing a low carb, high fat diet. Theresa loves to wear neon colors when she runs so that other people can see her.

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30.Runs for Cookies

Why should you follow her? Katie was able to lose a staggering 125 pounds through diet and exercise. She now talks about keeping it off, without giving up sweets.

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31.Running With the Girls

Why should you follow Jen? She is a runner who says she used to hate it. Jen started her own track team and is head coach of a high-school track team.

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32.The Bull Runner

Why should you follow her? “Jaymie Pizarro, better known as The Bull Runner, dreams of running marathons all over the world and for as long as her feet will allow her.”

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33.Run Fast Mommy

Why should you follow Kelly? She is the mother of three girls and Secrets of a Running Mom is the subtitle of Kelly’s blog. She also gives a long list of other “Running or Momish Blogs”.

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Now, you have some excellent blogs to start with. Browse through them and you are sure to find several that fit you, your situation, and/or where you want to be. Let these people be your motivation to a healthier you!

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