Activity Tracking in 2021: Best Fitness Trackers for Women

We all know by now that working out is important to fit into our daily routine because of its numerous benefits to the health of our minds and bodies. However, It’s not always so easy to fit into a hectic schedule where your daytime hours are already filled with work, errands and a vibrant social life.

This is where fitness trackers can come in handy, to make tracking your progress and health much easier. They do the extra mental work so you don’t have to.

If you are a women looking to improve your health while maintaining a busy schedule, take a look at the list below.

Fitbit Alta

Fitbit is well-known for the high-performance of their fitness tracking devices and now they’ve implemented great design into their product. The Fitbit Alta features a sleek design that you can wear anywhere from the gym to the office. It accurately tracks activity, sleep and offers motivation without attracting attention.

The Alta automatically starts logging hours when you begin your workout so you don’t have to remember yourself. It not only recognizes walking and running, but outdoor biking, elliptical training, and sport and aerobics work outs, which all automatically sync to the Fitbit app. It will also last 5 days before needing a charge.

Garmin Vívofit 2

Second in the running is the Vivofit 2, by Garmin. Once it’s been used regularly enough, this device profiles your fitness levels and develops personal goals for you to strive for. It comes with a move bar and an alert system to remind when get moving. The Vivofit 2 shows steps, calories you burn, distance you’ve gone and exercise times. Perhaps most importantly, this device monitors your sleep so you can understand how to improve it.

The best asset of this device might be their online training tool, Garmin Connect, which you can sync your device to. You can track progress, plan future work outs, and even share your goals to receive motivation from the community. With Garmin Connect, you will also be provided with visuals for progress and notes on your activities.


Bellabeat Leaf

Bellabeat goes one step further with their aesthetics to create a product that looks more like a unique piece of jewelry than a fitness tracker. It has the full features of a basic tracker, including activity, sleep tracking, and goals. But it also brings your health awareness up a level with it’s focus on mental wellnesss. It compares activity levels, sleep, and meditation exercises to determine how stressed you are. The product even comes with a set of breathing and meditation practices for you to calm yourself on a busy day.

This device also features menstrual cycle tracking, a fundamental aspect of a women’s health. If you regulary input your period days the app will effectively predict your future periods. This product does more than just track fitness, it meet’s the specific needs of a woman’s body.

Withings Activité Pop

Withing Activite has the appearance of a classic watch, but still tracks fitness, steps, and sleep. Unlike other devices, there isn’t a sports mode and the focus is on the numbers of your activity. It makes for a streamlined, simplified experience that feels refreshing after the extensive and complicated attributes of most other devices. It’s waterproof for use in the shower and the pool if you want to track your swimming laps.

The device exudes simplicity in all its functions. It’s Health Mate app is clear and simple to use and the device automatically tracks your movement and sleep without effort from you. The final noteworthy component of the Withings Activité Pop is the battery life-it’s supposed to last 8 months before a new battery is required.

Misfit Shine

Coming in at number 5, the Misfit Shine is a chic device that doesn’t show what it’s tracking until you tap the screen. It’s extremely light, to the point you won’t feel it on your wrist as you work out. And it’s one of the effective waterproof devices, still functioning at a depth of up to 50 meters. As wearing your tracking device on your wrist can sometimes be unreliable, it comes with a clip for your clothing.

Anytime you want more specific data, you can tap the screen and specify the activity you are doing. Instead of simply using a general sports mode, you can tap three times to input tennis, basketball, football and others. The app is straightforward and updates at a high speed for easy use.


Whatever the most important compenent of your fitness routine is, each of these devices provide highly accururate tracking. They are also ideal for keeping track of basic functions, such as movement and sleep. With so many options, it’s now possible for you to choose the fitness tracker that perfectly matches your needs and even, your outfit.

Getting a fitness tracker might be the last push of motivation you need to jumpstart your work-outs, or improve a stagnant regimen. This list of the best fitness trackers for women is a great place to start. They will push you to progress and help you reach your fitness goals more quickly than ever before.

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Alex Fischer