Fitbit Alta HR Review

Fitbit is is one of the most recognizable brands on the market today. And in recent years they have expanded their line to include accessories that have varying sizes and features, as well as a highly polished standalone app. So much so, that Fitbit is ranked number 1 in terms of US downloads in the health and fitness category of the app store.

One of their most recently released products is the Fitbit Alta HR. It is touted as Fitbit’s slimmest fitness tracker to date. And is packed full of features to help you improve your overall health by tracking your activity, exercise, and sleep habits.

In recent years however, FitBit has been accused of releasing products that are very similar in nature and don't offer much of an improvement over their predecessors. Let's take an in-depth look at the Alta HR and see if it's worth the upgrade.

What Makes A Great Fitness Tracker?

The main things to look at one shopping for a fitness tracker are: displays, inclusion of sleep tracking, heart rate monitoring, battery life, iOS/Android/Windows compatibility, and device type (wrist band, sports watch, GPS, or stand alone sleep tracker). It is important to find a durable, detailed, and accurate fitness tracker. Aspects such as the battery life and material of the tracker are also important, especially if you plan to keep your device for a long time.

In other words, the more that the fitness tracker can correlate and quantify, the better idea you have of your own fitness. These measurements may include your heart rate, sleeping patterns, exercise, and more. Accurate measurements and fitness advice are critical for reaping the most benefit out of a fitness tracker and making the purchase into a lifestyle changer.

Fitbit Alta Overview

The Fitbit Alta HR is Fitbit’s slimmest fitness tracker to date, and as an added bonus it also includes a heart rate monitor. It is a device that is meant to be worn for every occasion—all day, during a workout, and all night. It is sold in three sizes: small, large, and extra-large. Small fits a 5.5"-6.7" wrist circumference, large fits a 6.7"-8.1" wrist circumference, and XL fits an 8.1"-9.3" wrist circumference. It is sold in six colors: black, blue/gray, coral, fuchsia, and special edition colors of black gunmetal or pink rose gold. The product includes a 2 or 3 year protection plan with accidental damage coverage for an extra cost. The bands are interchangeable, giving you greater flexibility in customizing the product to your taste. 1 Lithium ion battery is required for use and it is included in the product. The Fitbit Altas price is set at around $149.00. A charger is included with the purchase. Check out the highlights of the Alta HR in the video below:

Other features of the Fitbit Alta HR include:

Ø Heart rate measurements to compare your resting heart rate to active heart rate during workouts

Ø Automatically tracks steps, distance travelled, calories burned, and active minutes

Ø Includes workout intensity zones such as fat burn, cardio, and peak, which help you to know whether or not you should increase or decrease your effort

Ø PurePulse heart rate helps to track sleep stages: time spent in light, deep, and REM sleep

Ø SmartTrack auto exercise recognition can automatically detect the workout type, such as biking, running, elliptical, and so on

Ø Battery life is up to 7 days with charge time of 1-2 hours

Ø Provides call, text, and calendar alerts when Bluetooth is on and connected

Ø Gives incentivizing reminders to move

Ø OLED tap display that includes the time

Ø Sync wireless and automatically to iPhone, Android, and Windows devices at a distance up to 30 feet

Ø 7 days of detailed, minute by minute data and 30 days of saved daily totals


· The Fitbit Alta HR has a nice, slim design that is 15mm in width with a display screen, making it 25% slimmer than its spiritual successor, the Fitbit Charge 2

· The band is interchangeable and a wide range of bands can be found for purchase online, making it easy to customize the fitness tracker to personal taste

· The sleep tracker offers personal guidance to help improve sleep and compares to trends of similar people, providing detailed insight and advice that few fitness trackers can offer

· Can sync with MyFitnessPal app to provide a synergy of fitness tracking and advice

· Highly accurate heart rate and workout tracker, especially one compared to competing products 

· Improve battery life (around 7 days), when compared to other Fitbits


· The fitness tracker is rain, sweat, and splash proof but it is not water proof, meaning it cannot be used while swimming or in the shower

· Is lacking in some of the extra bells and whistles, for instance it does not have guided breathing sessions, unlike its predecessor, Fitbit Charge 2

· There are no timer features on this like on the Fitbit Charge HR

· Bluetooth must be enabled in order to take advantage of the call, text, and calendar alert feature. Some users report that the Bluetooth uses up the battery much quicker than expected

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Fitbit Alta HR Review Conclusion

The Fitbit Alta HR offers a great amount of new, detailed features, especially considering the sleek design and thin shape. Its shortcomings must be kept in mind, but of course, no product comes without certain weaknesses. All told, the Fitbit Alta HR is a decent upgrade and a great first fitness tracker purchase, thanks to its accurate tracking, ease of customization, personable advice, and strong specifications. Happy fitness tracking!

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Alex Fischer